Hello Cari and Team,

Thank you for the « Thank You ». Yes, we are enjoying the new chapter of mortgage vs. renting.

This one turned out to be quite complicated and stressful, but you All kept your cool and pressed on. We appreciate the personal care and friendliness that we always received; it lowered our stress.

We are happy to recommend your Team to anyone we hear is looking for mortgage service.

God Bless you all,

Trent & Lynelle and boys

Cari, you seriously are the best. I couldn’t have done this without you.  You make my life so much easier, and you are so getting a hug when I come visit you.



THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! For all of your hard work!! Callie and I couldn’t be happier!!! I can see why Lance referred you! Hopefully we weren’t too much of a challenge and made things somewhat easier. Super excited for this chapter after the disappointment last time, but who cares about that now! Thanks again!

Mike and Callie

Hi Cari!

It has been our pleasure to be your client and I cannot think of anything that you could have done better.  You have been friendly and professional, have answered all questions in a timely manner and with great detail (I appreciate this), and have offered useful information and advice beyond what was expected.  I would not hesitate to recommend your services to family or friends if the opportunity arises.  Thank you once again.

We are very happy with our new home and all of us are enjoying it very much!


You are AMAZING!!  Thank you for everything you have done for us.  You have made this whole process so simple and straight forward.  We really appreciate all the time you have spent with us and your professionalism.

Thank you!!!!!


Big thank you, for the excellent service that you have provided, and yes, my family and I are happy with the purchase of the property and everything is going well as expected.


Hi Cari,

Thank you so much for the lovely gift.  It actually fits in with the decor I have going in the new place and it’s coming together.  You are so smart. I like it better than our last place.  I will for sure recommend you to  friends, or us.  You went to bat for us in such a short time, getting the mortgage at such a great rate.  Thanks again for the gift and all the help you did for me and George.


Good Morning Cari,

It is I that should be giving you a HUGE thank you!!!  Thank you so much for all your wisdom and diligence that has once again helped to make our finances stronger and more pleasant.   Thank you for all the time you gave to me in listening to my thoughts and then giving me feedback.  I am especially grateful for the research that you did in regards to the portability of that other mortgage; I believe it helped to avert a large disaster!!

So, thank you once again for your excellent service, your well given advice and your sweet friendship.


Hello Cari,

All is fine with the mortgage and it is working as planned. We very much appreciated working with you and were impressed with how smoothly everything went! Thank you for assisting us with this mortgage.

Vince & Joyce

Hi Cari,

Thank you so much for the warm wishes and cards! We’ll be happy to refer you on; you did a great job for us. Will definitely need help in a few years to renew!

Thanks again,