Hi Cari,

We are so grateful for your assistance, I was just telling Kameel how fortunate we have been to have someone to work with like yourself over the years. It’s hard to find someone that holds our needs in such high regard and always delivers on what they say as consistently as you have done.

Let me know the next time you are in or around Port Moody, Kameel and I would love to thank you properly with dinner if that works out for you. We know a great Italian Pizzeria that serves authentic Naples wood fired thin crust pizza. Or if you prefer an Indian flare, Kameel is a knock out cook and makes an amazing chicken curry. 🙂


August 2017

Hi Cari,

Firstly, I want to really thank you and Mike for all of your hard work and support in getting all this sorted out. My family is very appreciative and thankful.

Again, thank you.


Hello Cari!

Thank you so much for your email. Kristen and I are looking to make the transition within the next couple of months. We are working to put in place stable opportunities to allow us to make the move and we are so excited for the future. We got engaged in February, and are so excited for our new home together.

We love that we decided to make weekly payments towards our mortgage. We have the money each month to continue to save up for house expenses and make some lump sum payments and it’s very convenient to track our payment schedule. We had a great experience dealing with you and your team and you’ve been so supportive and helpful with your suggestions.

Thanks again Cari. We hope to see you one day up in the Okanagan!

Best wishes,

Matt and Kristen

Thanks again Cari,

You have made this process a lot easier; it has been a pleasure to deal with you and your team!



Cari (and team),

Thank you so much for this – it truly shows your commitment to going above and beyond for your clients.

I will be sure to recommend you to anyone who asks for my advice.

Thank you again.



Hi Cari,

Thanks again for all your help and guidance…you were much more helpful than the bank! I will for sure steer anyone requiring a mortgage to you. I’m sure I will be in touch with you again in 5 years…


Dear Cari,

Bruce and I want to thank you for being the catalyst for financial change in our lives. We realize the skill it takes in negotiating with the institutions of high finance and we appreciate your mediation on our behalf.

Yours truly,

Bruce & Christine

Good morning Cari!!

Just wanted to say thank you for sending us the bday cards and the Starbucks gift cards!! You are too sweet. We are loving our new house and can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work you did for us! You rock, girl!!

Hayley Jess and Britt

Hi Cari,

It all went well at the notary this morning. Its official! Yay! Just waiting to get the keys Monday now. We’re so excited to get in there!

Thanks for all your help, Cari. You’ve been extremely helpful throughout this whole process 🙂

Lisa & Kevin

Hi Cari:

Thank you for your kind wishes and the gift you sent in the mail.  I haven’t chosen yet, but appreciate what you have sent.

Thanks again and we will keep in touch and recommend your services.  You are very helpful, patient with my questions, and most of all professional.

Thanks again and blessings to you also.

Carol and Bill